Counselling Supervision


Supervision for Counsellors

Rebecca Black is on the University of Strathclyde list of approved person centred counselling supervisors and may have availability to undertake support of 2 – 3 trainee counsellors at our Therapy Train Stirling CIC premises. Contact Therapy Train Stirling CIC for further information.

Individual Supervision

A concessionary fee rate of £40 per hour may be available for student counsellors in training; and for qualified counsellors, the supervision fee rate is £50 per hour.

Students or qualified counsellors seeking individual supervision can leave a message for Rebecca via our contacts page. To request a call back, leave a message on our office number: 01786 541 532, and one of our office team will return your call to arrange a meeting with Rebecca.

Peer Group Supervision

If more than 4 counsellors are interested in forming a professional peer supervision group, Rebecca will consider opening an evening opportunity to facilitate a monthly group of peer counsellors. The cost of peer supervision will depend on the number of participants and the duration of the monthly group session.