Play Therapy

Child Centred Play

About Play Therapy

Play Therapy is beneficial to a child who is experiencing difficulties in the home, school or wider community. It is a therapeutic approach and as stated by Virginia Axline, “provides an opportunity for the child to ‘play out’ his or her feelings and problems just as, in certain adult therapy, an individual ‘talks out’ his or her difficulties”.

How can Child Centred Play Therapy work?

In Play Therapy, children aged 3-15 spend one hour a week with a dedicated Play Therapist. When words are sometimes difficult, the Play Therapist will help the child to show their feelings through symbolic play with a range of toys, books or sensory art materials .

Parents and legal guardians of children can make initial appointments to assess and discuss the needs of the children they may wish to refer for Play Therapy. The service could support any child who may have had difficult experiences due to complex social issues, parental separation or bereavement.

Play Therapy is known to positively impact the cognitive, sensory, motor and psycho-social development of children; and parents who learn how to be more playfully attuned during  every day interactions with their children, can further support this development.

Play Therapy Fees

Our hourly fee rate for Play Therapy sessions is £70 per hour, starting with an an hour long initial assessment with the consenting adult who wishes to refer a child for play therapy.

Review meetings take place after every 4th session of play therapy with the consenting adult(s) involved in the care of the child. A short term block of sessions may involve an initial meeting with a parent, followed by 4 weekly sessions, a mid therapy review and another 4 sessions with an end of therapy meeting to review any changes that have occurred in the child’s way of coping.

If an educational or social work service report is required, the fee for this will be based on two hours of preparation time, which would cost an additional £140 to complete.

During Play Therapy sessions, parents or carers can either join-in with the session, observe, or wait in our main office depending on the child’s support needs and the contract that has been agreed at the initial Play Therapy assessment.

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