Post Graduate Counselling Diploma Course

Post Graduate Counselling Diploma Course

Therapy Train Stirling CIC offers a part time Counselling Diploma course to students who have a First Degree and have also completed the Counselling Skills Course.

COSCA validation has been applied for.

This is a self-funded, part-time Diploma course involving:

  • Commitment to Group learning
  • Full attendance each Monday over two years
  • Written assignments to evidence clear knowledge of Person-Centred theory and practice
  • Diploma students will be required to have approved supervisors and placement providers
  • Paying for professional supervision on a fortnightly basis
  • At least 30 hours of personal therapy

The number of students will be limited to a maximum of 24, with two course leaders.

Selection will take place on the basis of completed application form, two references and an interview.

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