COSCA Post Graduate Counselling Diploma Course

Counselling Diploma in Stirling

Therapy Train Stirling CIC offer a COSCA Post Graduate Counselling Diploma course in the heart of Stirling. The course contains four strands: skills, knowledge, self awareness and ethics; delivered by 400 hours of direct teaching.

The course has gained initial COSCA validation until 2026.

What are the benefits of this Diploma course?

  • Successful students gain a professionally recognised qualification in counselling
  • The COSCA Post Graduate Diploma has 120 SCQF credits at SCQF level 10
  • Course delivered by two experienced person-centred therapists
  • Smaller course size which promotes more intimate encounters with others
  • Learn how to be an ethical practitioner
  • An in depth understanding of Person Centred counselling theory and practice
  • Personally enlightening
  • More advanced listening skills
  • Increased self-awareness

Course Leaders, Sandra Duffy and Rebecca Black

What is involved in gaining this Counselling Diploma?

This is a self-funded, part-time Diploma course involving:

  • Commitment to Group learning
  • Full attendance over two years
  • Written assignments to evidence clear knowledge of Person-Centred theory and practice
  • Diploma students will be required to have approved supervisors and placement providers
  • Paying for professional supervision
  • 40 hours of personal therapy
  • Experiential learning; students practice in groups of three in a confidential space

Who can apply?

Therapy Train Stirling CIC offers a part time COSCA Counselling Diploma course to graduates who have a Degree in any discipline and have also completed the COSCA Counselling Skills Course. Course leaders may consider potential applicants with equivalent professional experience and ability at academic degree level.

Selection will take place on the basis of completed application form, two references and an interview.


The student training fee is £3,450 per year, totalling £6,900 over the two years. A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required to secure your place on the course.

Our next course

The Diploma course is run over a rolling programme, with our next in person course beginning on Wednesday 31st August 2022. Spaces are limited and therefore early application is recommended.

For further information, email: